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-Dads stepping up to fight absence in fatherhood for their family and their community-

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Join the Movement 

Have a heart for reaching families in your community? Join our fight against absence in fatherhood by joining our team of over 250 volunteer facilitators. 

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Our programs

-Creating opportunities for fathers to be present-



Five to seven day expeditions that create opportunities for fathers and children to be present with each other in the wilderness

mending lines

A story base curriculum designed to help dads answer one question - "What is one area of unfinished healing in my family line that God is inviting me to engage?"

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fly tying

Watch for it, and you will see a dad sitting shoulder to shoulder with his child talking about fun, engaging and meaningful things. In those moments, dad is tying threads between his heart and the heart of his child. It’s beautiful, and it works. 

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