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fly tying

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why fly tying?

- The Purpose -


"Family Lines is on a mission to stand in the gap with fathers to Fight Absence, Choose Presence and Engage in a Restoration that silences all the voices that say restoration is not possible. Thank you for your interest in taking a purposeful step to engage in this fight. 
If you break it down, fly tying is simply using thread to tie feathers, hair, and other colorful materials to a hook in the hope that a fish will think it’s a meal and eat it. As a Dadvocate you will be helping dads tie threads around other things as well. Watch for it, and you will see a dad sitting shoulder to shoulder with his child talking about fun, engaging and meaningful things. In those moments, dad is tying threads between his heart and the heart of his child. It’s beautiful, and it works. 

Choosing to fight for fatherhood can be scary and challenging but also necessary, rewarding, and exciting at the same time. Taking this one step has the potential to change the trajectory of the families that you meet forever. 

Who knew that tying flies could be such powerful stuff?"


- John Obryan | Family Lines Fly Tying Director

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