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Mending Lines

Mending Lines | Series ONE Trailer

Mending Lines | Series ONE Trailer

Mending Lines


6 Episodes + Free Facilitator Guide


The Mending Lines video series, filmed on the Grande Ronde river, invites you away to an intentional space to look deeper into your relationship with your children (or father).  

Designed for small groups of dads, the story revolves around six men. Three dads. Three sons. Raw. Unscripted. Broken. Messy. Six episodes where we encounter fathers and sons looking back into their past to write a new chapter for their story ahead.

Be sure to download the FREE official Mending Lines facilitator guide to maximize the experience.


Mending Lines | Series Two


Fathers are a manifestation of God.  So when you have a toxic version or a completely absent one, it corrupts the way you see life.  Yet while the brokenness of our past undoubtedly leaves deep scars, it by no means has to define us...if it comes into the light.  But make no mistake, buried away these scars will only grow into a formidable cycle that will consume the generations that ignore it.  This is war and the enemy takes no prisoners.

Amidst the hopelessness, God’s restoration invites your family line to write a new story.  It will take extreme determination and grit to battle the lies that the enemy attacks with, but through Jesus Christ victory is imaginable.  Even probable!  

In this second series of Mending Lines, we join eight men on an expedition through the Alaska wilderness chasing electric rainbows (trout) and sidestepping brown bears.  Each with origins of fatherlessness exploring the next step of restoration that God is inviting for their family line.  

We should warn you before you jump in - this won’t be easy.  Instead of an author/speaker laying out a clear, outlined path forward, we offer you the stories of eight men. Dads. Sons. Brothers. Raw. Unscripted. Messy. Ten episodes where we invite you away to an intentional space to answer one life-changing question: 

What cycle of absence in my family line is God inviting me to break?