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Mending Lines | Series One

[personal devotion]


Welcome to the Grande Ronde River...almost. Over the next few weeks we invite you away to an intentional space to look deeper into something priceless but easily neglected in the perpetual pace of life: your relationship with your children (or father). Entering this space won’t necessarily be easy, or even always fun, but can be extremely worthwhile.

Personal Workbook

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Dads, we invite you to take a 6-week personal journey to discover and act upon one vital question:  What is an area of unfinished healing in my family line that God is inviting towards restoration?  The adventure will be led by the stories of 12 men.  Six of them fathers and sons from this present age on the Grande Ronde River.  Six of them characters and warriors from Scripture.   Raw. Unscripted. Intentional.  6 weeks where you'll encounter fathers and sons looking back into their past in order to write a new chapter for their story ahead.  


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Chapter one

In chapter one of Mending Lines we meet a father and 25 year old son ripping off some bandages to take a deeper look at an unfinished chapter of their story.

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Chapter two

In chapter two of Mending Lines we encounter the heights and depths of a "disqualified" man, as Mark and Micah look at what's the next sentence of their story to be written.

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Chapter three

In chapter three of Mending Lines a 57 yr old father encounters a decades-old void between him and his 38 yr old son. At the same time the son hears new parts of the story that stirs his own capacity as a dad.

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chapter four

In chapter four of Mending Lines a father struggles to forgive himself as he sees his past mistakes meriting him the pain he carries.

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chapter five

In chapter five of Mending Lines a 39 yr old stepson struggles to reconcile the pursuit of an "all-in" step-dad with his own story of a distant biological father. 

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chapter six

In chapter six of Mending Lines a 57 yr old stepdad questions the intentional distance he maintained apart from his stepson. Now he and his stepson consider the prospect of closing that gap.

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