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Mending Lines


Mending Lines


9 Episodes + Free Facilitator Guide


There’s a strong connection between fear and love. Both certainly play ever-present roles in fathering, especially fathering a daughter. From the first day you held her in your arms, you were keenly aware of how beautiful she was…and how much you did not know about little girls. You swore nothing or nobody would ever hurt her. And then she grew up. So, what is a dad’s God-given responsibility when it comes to contending with the fear involved in raising a daughter? How does a dad best provide as well as let go? How does a daughter honor her father in good times as well as conflicts? And after all that, how do a father and daughter move toward each other instead of away? In this third series of Mending Lines, we join three father/daughter pairs as they target rainbow trout amidst the spawning runs of kokanee on the Stehekin River. While learning to fly fish, the pairs wrestle with the past and present reality in considering the next level of connection God is inviting for their dad/daughter relationship. We invite you to take a nine-episode journey toward the heart of your dad or your daughter. Here’s to the next step of restoration in your family line.



the daugthers

Molly O'Bryan
Kady Land
Devan Nichols

the fathers

John O'Bryan
Rod Reed
Sean Gross
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