Purchasing this Father & Child Fly Tying Kit gives you exclusive access to:

  • A dad guide that will help you teach and lead your kids through fly tying as well as help with important questions that you need to be asking your kids.
  • Fly Tying Instructional videos that match the Wapsi kit as well as many other tips and techniques that will help you become an expert in the eyes of your kids in no time.
  • Exclusive access to weekly virtual facilitator classes.


Price Breakdown

WAPSI has sold us this kit a lower than their cost price so we can pass this savings directly to you. With this kit, we are providing you with all the program materials that you will need to tie the flies listed below.

Two Wapsi Kits price - $46/each - $92 total 

Program materials for two price  - $56


What's in the kit?

All the beads, hooks, thread, and materials to tie 8 different flies

Flies you will learn to tie:

Stretch Tubing Scud, Foam Beetle, Fur Ant, Poly Spinner, Poly Caddis, Multi-Purpose Nymph, Brassie,  Bead Head Caddis.

Tools include:

Vise, Hackle pliers, Bobbin, Bodkin, and Head Cement


Father & Child Fly Tying Kit