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Family Lines is driven by mission above money, our bottom line is to see fathers and their children share the uninterrupted time, and adventure that our expeditions offer.  Because we never want price to be the only obstacle that keeps someone from participating, we take a “Pay what you can – Pay it forward” approach to pricing.

The dollar amount you see for each expedition indicates the value of the experience. If you are in a position to do so, we are asking you to pay this amount, or perhaps even above and beyond, for your trip to the Erin's Legacy Scholarship Fund. 100% of all money given to the fund goes directly to another family whose only barrier standing in the way is finances

If you're not in a position to pay the valued price, no problem. Pay what you can and know the balance has been taken care of by others before you who have cared enough to invest in your journey with your children. This is all made possible by those who generously give to Erin's Legacy Scholarship Fund.

Take a moment to learn about Erin's Legacy Scholarship Fund [click the button below]. Then scroll down and look at the expeditions we are offering you and your child.

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Intentional presence for fathers and children.


Owyhee River kayak


This is more than your average float fishing trip. It's a kayaking adventure through one of the wildest most remote sections of the backcountry in the U.S.!


Father/Son Trip


Scheduling: July 14th-21st, 2021

Group Size: 5-8 Father/Son pairs

Age:  14 and up. 

Alaska Fly Fishing Expedition

You can only get here by float plane! We target small wilderness streams in the Bristol Bay region of AK to chase HUGE rainbow trout! Angler success is high and this is one of the best locations to see Alaska's Brown Bear.


Father/child Trip


Scheduling: August 11th-17th 2021

Group Size: 2 Father/child pairs

Age:  16 and up. 


Grande Ronde Steelhead expedition

This river, its fish, and the break away together will provide you with a shared father/child adventure that you will never forget. Join us on a hunt for one of angling's most prestigious trophies!


Father/child Trip


Scheduling: Oct. 25th-30th 2021

Group Size: 3 Father/child pairs

Age:  16 and up. 

Stehekin fly fishing expedition

The Stehekin River is hidden away in a pristine valley in the North Cascades at the head of Lake Chelan. In the late Summer Stehekin offers some of the best dry-fly fishing in the Northwest


Father/Daughter Trip

Scheduling: Sept. 22nd-25th 2021

Age:  14 and up. 


Virtual facilitator workshop

This FREE 1hr online workshop will focus on equipping leaders to intentionally fight absence in fatherhood in their local community. We will share with you some of the game-changing tips to being a better facilitator that we have learned from our teams combined 50+ years of guiding and facilitating in the backcountry and frontcounty.

Fight Absence.

Choose Presence. 

ENGAGE Restoration.