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mending lines

A story-based video curriculum designed to bring the "campfire conversation" to your living room.

series one

Filmed on the Grande Ronde River, we invite you to look deeper into your relationship with your children (or father).  

Designed for small groups of dads, the story revolves around six men. Three dads. Three sons.

Six episodes where we encounter fathers and sons looking back into their past to answer one question. 

What area of unfinished healing in my family line is God inviting towards restoration?


Pastor Brad Hill shares about using Mending Lines as a tool to engage and enable the men in his church to fight absence in fatherhood.



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What is mending lines?

Mending Lines director Aaron Bryant shares the

"What & Why" of Mending Lines 

series two

Journey with us through the Alaska wilderness chasing electric rainbows (trout) and sidestepping brown bears.


Explore the origins of absence in your family line and take a step towards restoration. 


Ten episodes where we invite you away to an intentional space to answer one life-changing question: 


What cycle of absence in my family line is God inviting me to break?

series three

In this THIRD series of Mending Lines, we join three men and their adult daughters as they fly fish for rainbow trout in the North Cascades and discuss the beauty and complexities of the father/daughter relationship.

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