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Mending Lines | Series One

Personal Devotion Edition

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Chapter 01 - Mending Lines

Chapter 01 - Mending Lines

Mending Lines | Personal Devo

Welcome to the Grande Ronde River...almost. Over the next few weeks we invite you away to an intentional space to look deeper into something priceless but easily neglected in the perpetual pace of life: your relationship with your children (or father). Entering this space won’t necessarily be easy, or even always fun, but can be extremely worthwhile.



The Mending Lines series will arguably be unlike any personal journey you’ve ever experienced. Instead of an author/speaker laying out a clear, outlined path forward, we offer you the stories of six men. Three dads. Three sons. Raw. Unscripted. Broken. Messy. Six episodes where we encounter fathers and sons looking back into their past to write a new chapter for their story ahead.


We are providing this resource for FREE for anyone who would like to use it. As we all know, nothing is truly FREE, everything has a cost.  However, we are compelled by our mission to Fight absence in fatherhood through intentional presence for the restoration of the family line to provide this resource to anyone and everyone who needs it for FREE.  Would you consider partnering with us in this effort to contine to provide our resources for FREE to anyone who needs it by Paying It Forward with a suggested donation of $10? 

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