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Fly tying Kits

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Do you want to join the fight against absence in fatherhood by providing fathers in your church and community opportunities to be present with their children?


Learn more below about how we help you make this happen with our fly tying kits.

tying with my child

Are you looking for a way to connect with your child? Young or old, fly tying is an engaging shoulder to shoulder activity that will give you the time and space to connect. Our fly tying kit and program materials will lead you through each step in your tying and conversations.

giving a kit

Are you interested in buying this as a gift for another father and child? 

Would you consider buying a kit for a father and child who can not afford it?

Learn more about ways to give a kit below


Lead a group

Standing in front of a group of dads and their kids tying colorful feathers to a hook might not seem like it could be life-changing, but the bond that happens when dads sit shoulder to shoulder with their kids, tying flies, and talking about life is nothing short of amazing. Teaching fly tying is challenging, rewarding, and fun, and it also has the potential to change relationships forever. So let us show you how.


tie flies with my child

There is something magical about sitting with your child and tying flies. Sitting shoulder to shoulder, creating something with your hands relaxes everyone, opens lines of communication, and creates a special bond. At the end of each session, you will hold in your hands a tangible reminder of the intentional time you spent with your child. That one fly also represents a hope of a time in the future when you will stand on the edge of a river and cast it into the water...together.  


give a kit

Giving the gift of a fly tying kit to a dad and his child can potentially change the trajectory of their relationship forever. We've seen it happen many times before, and your gift may be the one that heals a relationship or strengthens a bond between a dad and his child.   What a blessing to them and you. 

A kit for a father & child costs Family Lines $148.00

When you purchase one of our Fly Tying Kits you get exclusive access to:

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Online videos

Get online access to our exclusive instructional fly tying videos

how-to Guide

Our How-To Guide provides you with all the information, programming, and questions you need to get started.


Our FREE online training will prepare you to help facilitate opportunities for presence between a father and child while tying flies

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